Coming hot on the heels of Google's Android Security Bulletin for August 2017, BlackBerry's security patches for Android-powered BlackBerry smartphones are now available.

BlackBerry's latest security advisory informs customers who own BlackBerry powered by Android smartphones that new updates are available for their devices, addressing multiple vulnerabilities.

Issues were fixed for the Qualcomm networking, QCE, radio, audio, SoC, GPU, USB, MobiCore, IPA, and video drivers, as well as for the Broadcom Wi-Fi driver, Mediaserver and MediaDrmServer components, and the Linux kernel.

A total of 43 security issues have been remediated in this update, which affect all BlackBerry powered by Android smartphones. Therefore, BlackBerry recommends customers to update their devices to the latest available software build.

"This advisory is in response to the Android Security Bulletin (August 2017) and addresses issues in that bulletin that affect BlackBerry powered by Android smartphones," reads the security advisory published by BlackBerry.

Here's how to update your Android-powered BlackBerry smartphones

The software and security updates that BlackBerry makes available for BlackBerry powered by Android smartphones are only for devices that have been purchased via its online store at

However, mobile carriers and retailers may also release updated software builds. If you own an Android-powered BlackBerry smartphone, you need to update it immediately, and, to do that, you must follow the next instructions.

Unlock your Android-powered BlackBerry device and navigate to the Settings -> About Phone menu. There, you should see the "August 5, 2017 or later" Android security patch, so go ahead and install it. Reboot your device once all updates have been succesfully installed.

If you don't see the latest security patches on your BlackBerry powered by Android smartphone, don't hesitate to contact the mobile carrier from where you purchased the device and ask them for information on recent security maintenance releases.

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