After companies like Facebook and Microsoft, Google has also jumped on the 'lite' apps bandwagon by outing a new, Search Lite app. The app - as the name suggests - is aimed at providing a comparatively faster Google search experience while also being data-friendly.

In addition to search, the app also allows you to quickly access information including news, weather, and translation. There are also a handful of language options to choose from.

The app also supports voice and text search functionality. Other features include ability to open web pages in Lite Mode, and view them in the app's internal browser.

The Search Lite is currently in experimental phase, and is officially only accessible to select users (who opted-in to test it) in Indonesia.

However, if the available language options are to go by, the app should soon arrive in India as well. For those out of Indonesia who are interested in giving the app a try, head to the APK Mirror link below.

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