India is making rapid progress in the arena of science and technology. Gone are those days when this country was satirically referred to as the land of "Snake Charmers." Nowadays, indigenous Indian rockets as high as multi storied buildings are seen roaring in skies piggybacking bulky satellites. This clearly indicates that the Indian space program is now self-reliant and fully prepared to explore the dark secrets of the universe.

For several decades only two players competed each other in the game of spaceflight capabilities. Former Soviet Union and United States of America fought a long and costly battle to emerge triumphant in sphere of science and technology. Initially, India was lagging behind several nations in space research but ISRO has managed to cross all hurdles. The reluctance of United States and Western European nations to provide advanced technologies convinced India shape its military and space programs. Although India is yet to launch its astronaut into space on a domestic launch vehicle, ISRO has already achieved several milestones.

The Indian space program is very advanced and economical. Scientific community around the world lauds competence and caliber of Indian space research agency. First Indian interplanetary mission "The Mars Orbiter Mission" is known for its shoestring budget. Surprisingly, the World was stunned to note that India achieved this remarkable feat in its maiden attempt. Interestingly, Chinese and Japanese attempt to explore Mars could not succeed. The Indian space program is ambitious and very promising. India plans to launch its astronaut on homegrown rocket in the impending future, associated technologies are in testing phase. ISRO has already demonstrated its might by launching more than hundred satellites aboard a single rocket. As India is on the verge of becoming economic superpower, it cannot afford to lag behind in the territory of space technology. Arch rival China is desperately developing new cutting edge technologies to maintain its lead.

ISRO has a brilliant workforce, vast research facilities, potent launch vehicle systems and backing of powerful Indian economy that makes it a prominent belligerent of Asian space race. Undoubtedly, ISRO has successfully crossed several hurdles despite international sanctions. This space agency has eclipsed the performance of other space contenders. Interestingly, many nations such as United States of America, Israel, China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, etc. have expressed interest to cooperate and commence joint research programs. ISRO has successfully launched more than two hundred satellites of foreign agencies. Affordable launch price, reliable launch vehicles are the two instrumental factors bringing many contracts for ISRO from foreign agencies.

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