The next high-end chip Qualcomm should be presented in the coming hours. At Microsoft, a job offer confirms the existence of Snapdragon 845.

By 2018, Qualcomm is expected to surpass its role of chip supplier for the largest smartphone manufacturers to other areas. Tomorrow, Microsoft could introduce the first Windows PCs equipped with Snapdragon 835. A processor that runs smartphones like the LG V30, the Nokia 8 or the OnePlus 5T.

This announcement could be made at the same time as that of Qualcomm, who would take advantage of the Snapdragon Technology Summit in Hawaii to unveil the Snapdragon 845. The name of the future high-end chip is mentioned in a job posting posted on the site specialized Dice.
Round trip to China

According to the screenshots published by the German site WinFuture, the page concerns a position for the company ABAL Technologies, which regularly recruits engineers to work at Microsoft. References 8998 and SDM 845 are listed on the job description. The first is the Snapdragon 835, the second should be linked to the Snapdragon 845. Before the arrival of Windows machines with Snapdragon 835, Microsoft seems to work on the next generation.

As the note WinFuture, other information can learn a little more about the potential use of Snapdragon 845. Still on the job card, ABAL Technologies specifies that the candidate should be willing to travel regularly in China. Specifically in a factory called "JDM1" and located in the city of Suzhou.
A brief research shows that his first client is called Microsoft. The announcement specifies in passing that obtaining a visa can be provided by "MSFT". The German site recalls that it is in this factory that products such as the Surface tablet are manufactured.

Younes Derfoufi

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