Will Kaspersky stay Russian? The antivirus publisher relocates a good part of its activities in Switzerland.
Kasperky's software production activities will be transferred to Switzerland. To escape the suspicions of espionage, the editor of antivirus solutions prefers to leave Russia of its origins.

While Kaspersky is regularly suspected of espionage, many countries (the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom ...) who refuse that their public administrations use the software of the Russian publisher of security solutions. The solution found by Kaspersky is radical: move your business to Switzerland. From the end of 2019, important services will be transferred to Zurich, where user data will be stored and analyzed. For customers coming from Europe, the United States or Asia, there is no longer any fear that the data will be hosted in Russia. After the shock caused in April by the blockage of Telegram, we understand why the interventionism of the Russian authorities can worry.
Offshoring in Switzerland concerns the software assembly line, which will be audited by an independent body. Thanks to these measures, the publisher hopes that confidence will be renewed. With an installed base of more than 400 million computers with Kaspersky antivirus, the company can not afford to cut itself off from Western markets. However, since the end of 2017, the United States accuses Kaspersky of stealing very sensitive files from the NSA, before transmitting them to Russia. Suspicions regularly refuted by the founder of the company, Eugene Kaspersky. Now it's time to move from words to action.

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