The antivirus team has identified several types of Android smartphones with preinstalled malware.
You will avoid applications and websites dubious not to have malware on your phone, you will not escape unfortunately if these malwares have been pre-installed on your device. And according to a report published by the Avast Threat Labs, this is exactly what happens to thousands of users with non-Google certified smartphones.

Avast has more specifically discovered adwares installed directly in the firmware of several dozen different smartphones manufactured by manufacturers like Archos, ZTE or myPhone. These adwares, of which there are several variants, generate many problems, the most visible being the inadvertent display of advertisements.
Infected applications, known as "droppers", are hidden among the system applications needed to operate the device. Once the phone is active, they will download a small file called "manifest", which will indicate the addresses where to download other small software to display the advertising frames of Google, Facebook or Baidu ... And what small dropper is a vicious, since it is able to hide the display advertising if it spots an installed antivirus.
As stated by Avast, France is unfortunately one of the countries most affected by this problem, so it would not be the luxury that you spend a little bit of antivirus like Avast on your smartphone to check the presence of the manifesto and ad frame and eliminate them. It will be more complex for the dropper built into the firmware, it will use Google Play Protect, the antivirus Google, Avast has of course warned.

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