The ASUS ROG Phone arrives for gamers
A smartphone that would like to take the place of a game console? ASUS presents its ROG Phone.
In terms of power, the ROG Phone - for "Republic of Gamers" - is among the most technically advanced smartphones. ASUS took advantage of the Computex show to officially present it. The device is not lacking in interest.

At the Taiwanese Computex event, Asus finally lifted the veil on its highly anticipated mobile phone, the ROG Phone. Its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor is overclocked, and runs at 2.96 GHz, instead of the usual 2.8 GHz. A 90 Hz screen should also appeal to gamers. Many accessories are provided, such as a dock to connect to a screen, a keyboard and mouse, a second screen and a same cooling module. During long sessions of games, it is better to avoid overheating .... On the side of the grip, it is nice and the edges of the smartphone are transformed into triggers, effective for shooting games.
The qualities of the ROG Phone are undeniable. It remains to be seen whether ASUS will succeed in competing with home consoles. For this, the manufacturer relies on marketing at the end of the year. But in 6 months, other ultra-powerful smartphones will be released, such as an upcoming iPhone or the new Galaxy Note. Not to mention a potential newcomer to Razer ... In question, the question of price will weigh heavily in the balance. During his presentation of the ROG Phone, ASUS did not say more about it.

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