The protections of the PlayStation 4 continue to crack. A new version 5.05 hack is appearing.
To the chagrin of Sony, hackers have just made available a new complete jailbreak of the PS4. The hack concerns the firmware version 5.05 of the PlayStation 4.

In February, it was a tidal wave that caused hacker Specter with his jailbreak PS4. Since then, hacks succeed one another. The console of Sony takes the water on all sides ... Now, a complete piracy of version 5.05 of the PlayStation 4 has just made its appearance. Available on GitHub, the jailbreak does not require great knowledge; a trick on a web page is enough for success. Specifically, the hack allows the owner of the console to execute any code, using kernel privileges. Of course, this includes the installation of downloaded games and other applications.
A detailed version of the hack has been posted. And since then, it comes in all forms. Many video tutorials circulate on YouTube, to explain how to pass the PS4 version 5.05. Other smart little even offer for sale PlayStation 4 consoles equipped with the right firmware. For Sony, it would be time to turn the page and switch to the PS5 quickly.

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