Instagram could soon blow up its time limit on videos to allow up to one hour of images.
As Instagram's regulars know, videos posted on the platform, whether taken live or downloaded, have a time limit: up to one minute for videos published on the profile and 15 seconds for those published in Stories. But according to information from the Wall Street Journal, Instagram is thinking about blowing up this time lock and allowing video to be released for up to an hour!

According to Instagram, this new feature is a way to offer more creativity to its users, but also to align with the video publishing possibilities offered by Facebook and Youtube. However, as the Wall Street Journal points out, this feature would focus on videos in vertical format, like those of his own Stories ... and obviously those of Snapchat. On the other hand, nothing indicates at the moment if this extension of duration relates as well to the Stories as the videos published on the profile.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Instagram has discussed in recent weeks with several publishers and producers of content for the specific purpose of providing videos in this new format. However, this feature is still in test, and Instagram could just as well decide to stop everything if the result is not satisfactory.

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