Sing in play-back on a video broadcast live? This is one of the features that is being rolled out by Facebook. Lip Sync Live is to discover for the first Internet users who already have access to it, but how does it work?
Lip Sync Live directly integrated into the social network.

The novelty is in fact the integration by Facebook of the application Lip Sync Live directly on the social network. When streaming a live video, the feature adds the title of the moment to sing in play-back. This is already what Dubsmash proposed, whose videos have been a hit for a while. But this time, no need to use a third-party app. Everything happens live by selecting the "Lip Sync Live" option, and from its subscribers or friends depending on the chosen audience. Facebook announces the availability of several titles, including the latest Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran.
A little practical tip? To avoid broadcasting live directly to his contacts, it is also possible to film in private audience, choosing the option "me only". The video can then be recorded on the profile, with a personalized audience.
And sound in the stories too
The American giant does not stop at playback and also announces a feature dedicated to stories. It should be deployed shortly and will allow some titles to be broadcast in a short and ephemeral format.

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