Now just scan your fingerprint or unlock to connect to a Google service from the Chrome browser on Android. This method is based on the FIDO2 standard.
The password, this authentication method that we all hate, loses a little more ground on Android. Google has announced that some of its services are now accessible without a password from the Chrome browser on Android. To authenticate, simply scan your fingerprint or perform a screen unlock gesture.

This feature is available on Pixel smartphones and will be on all Android 7 or higher smartphones "in the coming days". The first Google service accessible without a password is the password manager, accessible under the URL "". Other services will be added as you go.

This authentication method, which Microsoft has already started to implement in November 2018, is based on WebAuthn and FIDO2 technologies. Based on asymmetric cryptography algorithms, they have the advantage of being easier to use and more robust against phishing attacks.

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