To find out if your MacBook is concerned, visit the Apple website.

Recalled for a faulty battery problem, a few thousand 15-inch MacBook Pro (generation mid-2015) are no longer allowed to fly. Airlines are starting to ban the use of the device.
In late June, Apple launched a recall program for its 15-inch MacBook Pro (mid-2015 generation) sold between September 2015 and February 2017. The brand has identified a battery problem that could overheat. The Apple site lets you know if your computer is concerned and ask for a free repair.

As they did at the time of the Galaxy Note 7, the European Aviation Safety Agencies (EASA) and the US (FAA) have called on airlines to ban the use of computers on board an airplane. .

Prohibition of turning on the computer
On its website, EASA asks cabin crew to inform passengers of this new restriction. Defective MacBook Pro have the right to be on the plane but must be turned off. Passengers also have a duty to inform the crew if they are carrying a defective device. Of course, this ban is more than preventive and it is unlikely to see a steward or stewardess ask you the serial number of your MacBook before getting on the plane.

To avoid this concern, we remind you that Apple replaces the battery of MacBooks concerned. For your safety and not to be bothered, it is more than recommended to quickly move to the Apple Store. As a reminder, more than 400,000 MacBooks would be affected in the United States alone.

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