This is part of the effort of the social network to facilitate its use to newcomers. They will thus be able to become familiar with their use more quickly.
Twitter continues to simplify its access. The social network announced this August 13 that it will soon be possible to follow specific topics in the same way that we are currently monitoring accounts.

Tweets about the chosen topic will be displayed directly in the timeline. They will be identified and selected by Twitter through a machine learning system. The process is currently tested with some users of the Android version of the application.

Support for Apple Live Photos
All this contributes to Twitter's desire to make its use more accessible to newcomers. It is not easy to identify the accounts relevant to his interests when landing for the first time on the application. Instagram is already doing something similar with hashtags tracking since late 2017.

Other improvements will also be made, such as the ability to search within his direct messages. It will also be possible to rearrange the order of photos in a tweet or to support the animations of Live Photos Apple. These new features should be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks.

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