The Chaquopy SDK is the easiest way to use Python in your Android apps. it's dispensed as a plugin for the same old Android build system. download and set up is computerized through Gradle, and takes best five mins.

This open-supply app is a demonstration of what you can build with Chaquopy. It consists of:

* A REPL (study-eval-print loop) for interactive experimentation.
* An instance of an Android interest written entirely in Python.
* An example of how to use a Python library in a regular Java hobby.
* The SDK's whole unit check suite.

The core of Chaquopy is a light-weight however flexible Python/Java language interface, allowing you to access Java from Python or Python from Java. Freely intermix the two languages to your app, using whichever one is high-quality for each state of affairs. maximum PyPI applications can also be routinely downloaded and built into your app.
For greater details, see the Chaquopy internet site (, or view this app's supply code on GitHub (
* boom goal API level to 30.
* replace `androidx.desire` to model 1.1.1.
* replace Android Gradle plugin to version
* Make lacking multiprocessing primitives throw an exception on use instead of on import. This affected the programs joblib and librosa (#21).
* Make ctypes.util.find_library search libraries installed with pip. This affected the package soundfile (#201).

* restore “invalid constraint” blunders affecting the packages openpyxl and webcolors.

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