When we crossed the Atlantic to live in America, the idea of leaving Vinnie back in the UK was unthinkable. He came across on the same flight as us and was we drove the little fellow up to Maine from Boston Logan airport.

In many ways Vinnie adjusted to his change in physical surroundings better than we did. Cats are of course pretty adaptable.

But it is pretty clear that we are his people and he is wary of strangers - who he divides into two categories, Brits and Yanks.

Ever since an American invaded his personal space and took an iPhone picture of the “cute kitty”  he has been terrified of the locals.

As soon as he hears an American accent Vinnie dives under the bed clothes for safety. While wary of British visitors, he will emerge and at least make his presence known, even though he still keeps his distance.

While not professing to be an expert on feline psychology, this does suggest that cats are more attached to their people than their physical surroundings.

If Larry is to be a happy cat once more, he should be living with the Cameron family.

Surely Battersea & Cats home could provide another mouser. Perhaps a nice female moggy, who could be called Maggie or Thatcher.

Now that would terrify the mice.

Source : www.telegraph.co.uk/

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